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5-minute Japanese Class by Hitomi Hirayama

To all of you who are studying Japanese!

I assume that many of you have experience to think once or twice that you cannot make yourself understood effectively though you’ve been studying Japanese hard, or it’s difficult to grasp the nuance of Japanese…
This column, “Pera Pera Penguin’s” will solve these anxiety or problems!
This column will help you to create “affection transformer” through which you will be able to understand the subtle nuance of Japanese expressions affected by Japanese culture and social background and to express yourselves more easily in Japanese.
I think students of all levels, from very beginners to advanced, will enjoy this column.
I do hope you will enjoy communications with Japanese both in private and business situations.

This “Pera Pera Penguin’s 5 minutes Japanese class” was serialized in The Daily Yomiuri Newspaper from 1999 to 2011. I would like to express my gratitude to The Daily Yomiuri and all the dearest readers all over the world for letting me send out this column for twelve long years.

Japanese Lunch
Hitomi Hirayama

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